wait for it

Newt awoke in a sweat. Was it already the new year? He'd fallen asleep in Billy's arms. Shockingly, he couldn't really remember much.

For starters too many folks from the Black Cat came over. They'd over heard Billy. Then Lauren showed up and she sang with Ian. They had the place rock'n. Good thing the coppers never showed. He thought it might come to that. Spike was raising so much noise. It was one jovial bit after another. Everyone singing stupid beer songs. Then sad songs. It got pitiful, afterwhile.

At least he escaped with Billy up to their room. It had been a fun romp with him. Thank God no one actually came in. But Newt had to wonder now if it would have stopped them. He couldn't wipe his stupid smile off his face.

He wondered if the others had faired as good as they had.

Newt couldn't imagine anyone still here.

He reached for his sleep pants and went down stairs to investigates. Of course, all he could make out were just a few with all the arms and legs of the layabouts fast asleep on the floor. It looked quite ghastly, anyhow. But it had been a drunken party, for sure.

And then Simon caught his eye. Newt couldn't stop staring. He couldn't imagine it. No. He kept shaking his head, no. Couldn't be? Could it?

Newt tried not to gasp. He squinted just a little as he thought long and hard of the possibilites. There Simon was with not a lot on. OK, Newt had to face facts, nothing on. And Kelsy was in his arms.


another.ellie said...

woooo...what a way to start the new year.

cats n curses said...

Oh..what did Simon do?

ellie said...

Oh..boy..I was wondering when this might happen..hehahhaahaaaa

Cady said...

Wonder what comes next.

Thanks for the comment. I would have to agree with you. I'm not good at guessing what people like. I just buy things for people that I like and try not to be jealous when I give them away. I know. I'm selfish. LOL.

justkyut said...

Hey Ivy! I was really suprised to see my cuzin. My dog is doing well but still no fur on the neckline. I hope she'll have it again. Take Care.. It's cold here. I know it's gonna be winter there soon..