after thoughts

Afterwards, Billy fell into a lull. Really, being with Newt sent him under even if he'd loved every second of it. But he could feel Newt's breath on his neck even if he said he was only giving him a back rub.

"What is it?" Billy thought he asked.

"Something happened, didn't it?" Newt wrapped his arms around Billy as they laid together.


"Yes, it did. Something happened. And you won't tell me." Newt murmered in his ear.

"Christ, Newt, what do you take me for? Fuck somebody over then come home and be with you." Billy tried to move away from him but Newt pulled him back.

"No, did I say that?"

"Well, what are you getting at?"

"That possibly there was a momentus occasion of some kind and you are neglecting to discuss it with me." With that Newt rolled away and hugged his pillow then.

"Don't do this," Billy picked himsef up on his elbows then and looked at Newt. "It was nothing. Absolutely nothing. I sang. All right."

"You were going to keep it from me."

"Its no big deal." Billy told him.

"It is to me."

"I doubt it ever happens again." Billy fell back on his pillow and hugged himself up in the covers then.

"See. I figured as much." Newt flinched then.

"Can we just drop it." Billy squinted.


Billy knew he wouldn't.

"Next time I do anything ever again like this, you'll be there." Billy sighed.

"And Leia, too?"

"I guess." He shrugged.

"No guessing. She will be there." Newt turned back to inform him. They kissed on it, but Billy sensed that wasn't quite enough.


taffy. said...

aww, poor newt.

ellie said...

that was good....i think they understand each other now.

Sydney said...

that was cold in a sense.

i agree with taffy.


Cait said...

I guess they know now..they have to share every little thing they do.