anti-valentines day

Simon was expecting take away tonight. No way was he going to ruin Valentines day with his cooking. They could just order pizza, perhaps. Stay in and watch a DVD. Of course, he couldn't think of anything, actually.

"Not Rules of attraction, that's hardly a romance," he told Newt while they were out in the shops looking at videos.

"But why not?" It was a cheap rental. He hung on to it. "Has that bloke from Dawson's Creek, you know?"

"As if that makes all the difference." Simon rolled his eyes at that, and when he looked around at the huge street window, he thought he saw Kelsy walk by, but she didn't look like herself. Exactly. The rainbow hair was gone.

He left Newt with the DVD selections and quick stepped it down the street to see if it was really her.

"What have you done?" Simon couldn't help but smile when he caught a real look at her close up. She wasn't near a freaky now.

"Cleaned up my act," she just said looking him in the eye.

"For what?" He was interested.

"Nothing." She shrugged, staying even lipped as she hugged herself.

"Have anything special for tonight?" Simon thought of asking her over. Maybe just dinner.

"Of course," She didn't really smile though.

"Like what?"

"The cinema. What else?"

Suddenly, Simon felt a chill. He shouldn't have asked.

"Anyone I know?"

"Doubtful. Its just a friend. No one I fancy." She told him.

"Not even a drink at the Black Cat?" Simon was testing her now. She was just saying all this for his benefit.

"No," she shook her head. "I'm not thirsty."

"Hmmm, but its Valentines day?" Simon winced. It just wasn't like her.

"It might as well be Anti-Valentines day to me," Kelsy held her head high then. "You best be getting on. Don't forget the chocolates now. It wouldn't be Cupid's day without them."

Simon nodded and watched her walk away. She'd really taken the fun out of this for him, getting ready for Valentines day. Now all he could think about was who she might be with now. Yes, she could certainly make this Anti-Valentines day.


ellie said...

Rules of attraction..funny...

love the dialogue with Kelsy too.

Happy Valentines day!

Cait said...

I just watched that movie..oh..Simon.

Happy Valentines day!

Sydney said...

happy valentines.

taffy. said...

oh kelsy...
that was fairly conflict-free!