the burn

This didn't set well with Simon. Naturally, he stomped away down the hall of the hospital to check on Josh where he knew he should be.

"What is it, luv?" Josh was awake, but he looked as if he might be in pain too.

"Nothing. Can't find a descent drink in this place." Simon fretted, but not for that reason. How could Kelsy be caught with the likes of Colin? Really, this burned him. A wanker, no less.

"You should go get something to eat," Josh winced. "I'm fine. I'm not going anywhere."

"I dunno." Simon closed his eyes. He thought he should be with Kelsy. "Are you sure?" Simon took Josh's hand then. "I really can't believe you're going through this agony."

"I know, I feel a might old, for sure." He was still in pain. Simon was sure of it.

"I should let you rest, I'll come around later," he nodded.

"You know what's so damn funny. Well, I wish it were, but its not." Josh then said while clenching his teeth in pain. "I was on top." He tried to laugh.

"Lets try not to think about it right now," Simon had enough on his mind already. He didn't want to dare relive the sex moment.


dapper kid said...

Eeek, Simon needs to take some time to sit down and just think things through, otherwise it could just get too much.

ellie said...

Simon's between a rock and hard place..so to speak. I'm sure Josh would want him there for Kelsy.

Cait said...

Josh is so sweet. Wish he wasn't hurt though. I hope Simon will stay smart.

taffy. said...

wait... does josh know about simon and kelsy?