a change

Kelsy was nervous. Really, this was the last thing she expected from her Aunts. Why did they have to butt in?

"They mean well," Colin told her. He would hold her hand all through this. There they were in her Aunts' home that took the whole level of the top floor. Really, Kelsy hadn't been up here in ages. And it smelled of cat stink. She wanted to gag.

"Don't you smell it?" She grimaced. They were the cat ladies.

"Smell what?"

She supposed her senses were more acute. She wanted to barf. "I'm not sure I'll make it," Kelsy whispered.

"Think of a happy place," Colin gave her a smart smile. "You can do that."

"I don't even know if I have the job, even." She wasn't even sure she wanted it.

"It'll work out. Just have to stop thinking about it so much." He put his arm around her then. She suppose he was doing his best to shield her from anymore discomfort about to arise.

"Well," Estelle looked at both of them at she put out the little cakes with the tea. So pretty in pink, even the tea set. "When is the big day?" She swelled up with a pleased look.

"What?" Kelsy snarled.

"When would be a good day for you?" Colin went along as if he knew. Everything. As if it were set in stone.

"Tomorrow," Estelle looked high and mighty now as she looked over at her sister. They'd pulled a few strings. "We both know the Father O'Riley. He drinks at the pub every night. Says, he could do it here in the pub."

"Here in the pub?" Kelsy scowled.

"You knew you didn't want a church wedding," Colin shrugged as if she knew.

"A wedding!" Kelsy's eyes lit.

"You do this for us, dearie, and the place is yours. This very home and the pub. Do you know how long we've been waiting for this blessed day, child!" Estelle had her hands on her hips. She was the power of authority.

Her Aunt Charlotte pulled out a bit of paper work from the desk in the den then. "Just a few signatures will do."

Kelsy looked at Colin. What was she signing her life away too?

"Well?" Colin picked up the pen.

"Have they bought you off?" She wondered.

"No," he shook his head and started to sign the papers. She saw his hand shake ever so slightly. They'd scared him some how. Thats what this was all about. Kelsy gritted her teeth. She best get on with it. Really, she could see it was too late to change anyone's mind, now.


ellie said...

Things are moving fast. I don't think Kelsy was expecting this.

Cait said...

Oh my, with Colin..hummmm..this looks like it could be trouble.

dapper kid said...

Oh dear shotgun wedddings are never a good idea...and only a handleful of them in a pub?! Hope she can talk her way out of that and if they really do want to get married, take time and plan out a nice service! And yick, I hate cat smell lol.

Kira Fashion said...


taffy. said...

i'm actually worried about colin...

cady x said...

A wedding . . . wow.
I love that name Estelle.

Paul Pincus said...

i'm worried about colin too!

cheers, -paul