could it be

Newt mentioned to Sasha about the job opening at the library.

"I have a full plate, actually." She was over at the house to look in on Leia for a bit. They had a play date with some of the neighbors at the mall. Indoor play.

"Actually, I was thinking of asking Lauren if she'd want to." Newt shrugged.

"Oh," she looked embarrassed now. "That would be lovely. You know, she's on the outs with Laleh at the moment. Work might do her some good."

"Yeah, it could." Newt nodded, getting his books together to get back to class. He hadn't had an early morning. "So I heard you listened to Billy sing last night."

"Yeah, it was brilliant, really. He's so, remarkable, actually. I really enjoyed his music." Sasha smiled getting Leia zipped up for their outing.

"You think he'll do it, again?"

"I hope." Sasha shrugged.

"I don't think he wants to sing when I'm around, and I don't know why." Newt said with almost frown.

"He's just shy. I'm sure he's afraid to mess up in front of you." Sasha nodded.

"Really?" Newt hadn't though of that. Could that be true? "Thanks."

"For what?" Sasha said as Newt was about out the door.

"For letting me know," Newt smiled. He shut the door behind him. Why did the simplest things never come to him?


Cait said...

That was sweet. I liked what Sasha told him.

ellie said...

I do feel sad for Newt. Hopefully, things are on the right road.

taffy. said...

sasha is a genius, of course.