a family matter

Simon walked the halls of the trauma hall hoping for more than sickly coffee or lukewarm tea. It was awful.

Naturally, Josh was knocked out now. There was no sense even sitting with him. Simon was so bored. He wanted to go home. Anywhere, actually. But then he noticed someone as he passed by a half opened curtained room. It was Kelsy.

Simon blinked. Were his eyes deceiving him? She looked almost unconscious but not quite. Perhaps just tired, a little ill. He stepped in to see what was going on.

"What happened now?" He placed his hand on her moist forehead.

"Its nothing really," she shook her head. "I'm just fine. Just a little woozy, at best. I forgot breakfast."

"You really look like you're ready for a funeral? Where have you been?" Simon studied her, wondering just what was she really up too.

"I was at the school. I was just observing, you know, see what is intended of me when the occasion arises." She closed her eyes and breathed then as if she'd nodded off to sleep.

"Kelsy, you got the job?" Simon wanted to know.

"I suppose." She didn't sound so sure.

Just then the nurse came in asking if he were family.

Simon didn't know what he was supposed to say. Possibly. Simon backed out then into the hall. Just then he saw someone dart past him and assure the nurse he was family as he pulled the curtains shut. But Simon noticed how the bloke looked at him so solemn. Simon couldn't forget his ominous stare.


ellie said...

Poor Simon. Why didn't he say YES?

dk:dc said...

Simon versus Colin. hmmm..I wonder what that would be like?