Sasha was happy to see Francisca and the baby. He was so big. He might be walking any moment, she thought, but then Sasha hadn't a clue that he was only eight months old.

There was little Leia, three going on twenty-three, to entertain Nico. She wanted to see the baby badly.

"Are you sure this is what you want? Coming to Hollyoaks?" Sasha had made chicken salad sandwichs and a broccoli cream soup.

"I've sold most of my belongings. I kept a few thing in storage. But really, this is what you get?" Frannie lightly smiled and sat down to the table of food with Nico.

"Have you told Rhys yet?" Sasha winced. "Does he even know you're here?"

"I didn't bother." She nibbled at the sandwich then.

"He should know you're having his child." Sasha nodded. "Don't you think?"

"It can wait. It really can." Frannie seemed amblevant to the matter.

Sasha sighed as she put a cloth napkin under Leia's chin as she started in on the soup.

"I suppose your room will be ready," Sasha told her. "Its only a few blokes away. You'll be their very first boarder. I think Maxie and Katy are quite excited too."

"We'll see," Francisca sighe. "Once Nico starts crying it'll be a differnt story."

At the moment though, Nico was happy to be here.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-thanks for stopping by, you have a great blog going on!!

Cait said...

Glad Frannie is there. I hope it'll be good for them.

ellie said...

oh..she came. And the baby is Nico. Cute.

ellie said...

oh..she came. And the baby is Nico. Cute.

fan fic said...

Nico..thats the actor's name who plays Newt on Hollyoaks. Cool.