in a fit of passion

Really, it was the last thing Simon expected. It was quite uncomfortable.

All right, more so for Josh than him. He guessed. It was just awkward now.

Of course, a short while earlier, he thought perhaps Josh was passing a stone. Even a baby. It had been quite agony. He guessed. Of course, it was first a laugh. Almost.

His teeth gnashed. The waiting was killer. God, what would the doctor tell them?

Of course, it took him, Newt and Billy to get him back in his pajama bottoms and decent T and sweater. He wished it could have been a better outfit, but seeing Josh was in such pain..it really didn't matter.

It was a spasm of some sort. His back.

What have I done? Simon kept thinking over and over in his head. They'd gotten a taxi and went right away to the emergency. Newt and Billy had stayed home.

At least Josh was in a hospital bed on pain killers. He looked so out of it now.

Finally the doctor showed. Simon hoped he didn't have to answer too many questions.


taffy. said...

poor josh.

Cait said...

You never know when it might hit you. My boyfriend has back problems too.

ellie said...

I hate back pain. poor josh.

trace cyrus fan fic said...

oh oh..so sad. I'm sure Simon feels bad about it too.

Karine said...

oh..I feel sorry for Josh.


Well..Thanks for the comments!