just a lil' bit

When Colin awoke, he was alone. He jerked himself up. He didn't know how he got here.

It had all been so quaint in the livingroom. He'd gotten Kelsy to dance with him. And somehow, she'd smiled, and it made him smile more. Then he'd somehow kissed her. Yeah, just so amazing incredible. Just a kiss.

He smiled again, thinking this was just dandy, wasn't it? It could work. Very possible. He went to make coffee. Just where in the hell had she gone off too? He looked around for a note. Wasn't one. Guess she'd be back soon. Perhaps she was bringing him breakfast. Could be, or maybe some sense got knocked into her, and she was off walking the streets thinking he'd been the worst idea possible.

Colin groaned slightly as the thought of that. He looked at the time. It was almost lunch. Well, maybe she was bringing take away. Some hearty fish and chips would be delightful. His stomach grumbled. He drank his coffee then.

He looked around for anymore clues while he made the bed. It was a very good bed. Much better than the couch. He hoped he was in her good graces. Maybe. He didn't know.

He would have prayed if he could. But it was too late to even remember one because someone was banging on the door.

"What is it!" Colin jerked the door open to be startled by two old fat women, other wise, the fat cows who owned the place.

"YOU!" One grabbed him by the ear and yanked him out in the hallway.

"BUGGER!" said the other with her hands on her hips. "I should have thought none other!"

"What the fuck do you want with me?" He grimaced.

"Seriously, you need to be down at the hospital, don't you think?" She looked at him as if she'd kill him if he didn't move.

"The hospital?" He didn't get it.

They shook their heads.

"You go and collect your woman. Then we'll discuss what you and lil' Kel should do next."

Colin just nodded, thinking he didn't want any trouble out of Kelsy's two old aunts.


Cait said...

oh no..now what?

cady x said...

A cliffhanger . . . what next?

I liked this a lot.

ellie said...

I wonder if Colin is scared..perhaps.

another.ellie said...

I think Colin has met his match with Kel's Aunts.

cady x said...

I totally know the feeling. And then it doesn't matter how many people like it -- if you don't like it, then it's just crap.