not this time

Kelsy's phone was buzzing on the night stand next to her. When her eyes opened she saw the sunlight peaking in, and there was Colin hugging her as if she were his personal teddy bear. At least he was dressed. She looked to see if she had on something as well. She did.

Kelsy had to unwrap herself out of his arms, even his leg. She answered her cell.

It was the school.

"Miss Malone, it looks as if it hasn't worked out with Miss Gross," The music department head told her. "Would you still be interested?"

"Of- of course." This was sudden. Just thinking of the old woman's miserable last name thrilled her. Yet, would she be stuck with Miss Malone forever? She guessed it had a nice ring to it.

"Can you be here in thirty minutes?"

"Its not a problem," she said almost saying shit in the process. Was she just going to wear what she was in? She'd have to think quick. It wouldn't be fitting to wear the outfit she wore to the interview. They might think that was all she had. And it was, when it came to school clothes. Why didn't they have uniforms for teachers?

She ran across the hall then. Leaving her door open. Perhaps Sasha could help.

"What is it?" Sasha of course was still asleep and Leia peaked out from behind her.

"Who's that?" Leia pointed, who's eye sight was far to good this early in the morning to see all the way past her kitchen to get a glimpse of who was in her bedroom. She could see Colin.

"No one." Kelsy didn't know what else to say.

"It looks like a bloke." Leia grinned.

"Well, yes, he's a friend. Old friend. A school friend. He won't be here long." God, explaining him to a child was the last thing she ever thought she'd have to do. "Look, Sash, could...would you have a dress perhaps, I could wear to school."

"What on earth for? School?" Sasha scowled.

"Yes, they want me there. Immediately. Teaching assistant position if it all goes well, I'll be teaching kiddies." Kelsy gritted a smile.

"Oh." Finally, she got the hint. She let her in. "Wait." She told her to stay in the livingroom while she went to her bedroom.

She brought out a few dresses. They decided on the black one.

"Can't remember the last time I wore it." Sasha shrugged.

"Thank you. I'll have to go shopping. Soon. If it all goes well." She nodded.

"You should wear the pink one." Leia pointed to the baby-doll dress.

"She loves pink," Sasha said with a quick smile.

"Yes, lovely, but I'd look like a silly little girl if I was in it." Kelsy dressed right there in the livingroom. There was no time to waste. No time for anything.


another.ellie said...

Oh..that Leia..she's something. I hope Kelsy makes it in time.

Cait said...

Lets hope this work for Kelsy. I hope. That Leia!

ellie said...

oh..this should be good..and yeah, Leia, too.

ellie said...

oh..this should be good..and yeah, Leia, too.