on the edge

Josh thought he had a lovely gift in mind for Simon. A book of old poems. Simon loved old books. Old poems too. He was a fan of Shelly, in fact. Simon always thought those poems were meant for his best friend. Not some lass.

But as it was, Simon had put the book aside and walked around most in a daze during Valentines.
"Well, what is it?" It didn't seem bloody likely anything was in the makings of romance.

He's seemed so cheery earlier.

"Is it because we didn't go out?"

Sasha was looking after Leia. They had the house to themselves. But as it was, he'd watched Simon in a tizzy of some kind. Then he'd been on his cell with Maxie.

"I quite honestly don't get you, evidently," He was a bit soured. All of it. This rift, felt like a force to be reckoned with, not just some row that seemed to be re-patched every-time he turned around.

"No." But Simon was being indifferent. Sad and even restless.

"Well, if you can tell Maxie what's going on, what about me?" Josh winced.

"It won't help." Simon rested his case. Josh supposed as he watched him go clean something in the kitchen.

"Stop it!" Josh had had enough. The kitchen was spotless. "Perhaps we need a shower."


"Well, you are in the business of scrubbing, evidently," Josh stared at him. "Then scrub me."

Simon drew in a breath and crossed his arms.

"Suppose, Kel isn't telling me the truth." Simon then said, pulling a loose strand of his dark blond hair behind his ear.

Josh rested his hand behind his neck and gave the back of his head a scratch in thought.

"You can't give this up, can you?" Josh remained even lipped. "You wound yourself up just for this little bit of hope that maybe..maybe she's a liar and maybe...maybe you'll be a father."

"That's not it." Simon winced.

"That is it," Josh's eyes lit.

"What if she never tells me? What if I never know? Never?" He looked so sad as if a mystery could take a complete toll on him.

"That's so far away, isn't it? We have loads of time before a bundle of joy may or may not arrive. Granted, she's shoved a sword of doubt into you and tends to twist and turn it forever more. But still, we will see to this when the time arrives. You can't walk around depressed about it. All the blessed time." Josh came closer then and wrapped his fingers around Simon's face. He kissed him like he meant it. Finally, Simon let go what was tearing him apart and kissed Josh back.

It wasn't long tell Josh pulled Simon's T-shirt over his head.

"How about that shower, then," Josh murmured.


taffy. said...

aww, i'm glad they have each other.

blue hearts said...

I love the way Josh talked to him...cool.

ellie said...

Josh ..he's got spunk..just when I think he doesn't.

trace cyrus fan fic said...

I'm lov'n it!