skin of my yellow teeth

Colin had made another casserole, again. It was filling enough. Only, Kelsy didn't feel much up to eating.

"You know a lot about eggs, don't you?" She just said. She knew she should have said thank you or something, but she didn't. She had a lot on her mind.

"I guess I do. I wonder if that's something subliminal?" Colin winced as he cleaned up and left her nothing to do. Perhaps she could just go to her room, have a good sulk. To bad, she just couldn't freeze herself, wake up in nine months or so with a baby. But then she guessed if she were frozen it would be something a lot like keeping an egg. Nothing would really come of it. Would it?

"Look, I'm sorry they went with the old battle axe instead of you. I think I remember her, when I was first starting out. She was wicked even then." She knew he meant to sound comforting, but it wasn't. Just a reminder that no one thought she had it in her to be anything musical. Evidently.

"Well, you won't let that one little interview get to you, now are you?" Colin sighed. "There are other schools, besides, most don't really hire til the fall."

She thought it might be too late by then. Quite honestly. That is if it all went on schedule. But nothing ever did.

"Right. So right." She noticed the place was clean. Perfectly, in fact. It wasn't possible the two of them could live here, could it? "Listen, why don't you take a break, go down, have a drink on me. Yeah?"

"I'd rather stay in," he shook his head. "With you."

"But you don't have too." She knew if she laid down right now she could go right to sleep. Yes, that was the ticket. A lot of sleep.

He looked through her CDs then. He was going to put on some music.

"Hows that?" He stood in the middle of the living room floor as if something might take place. A dance, she supposed.

The music started. It startled her. She couldn't quite place ever having that CD.

"Clap your hands say yeah?" He looked at her as if she knew.

"What?" She shrugged.

"Come on, you loved them. Said you'd run off with the band if they ever got in our neck of the woods." He told her getting into the grove in his almost silly way.

"I think you make up crap." She rolled her eyes, but he pulled her in to join him.

"And I think you drank a lot and then some and haven't a clue who you really are," Colin swayed with the music as if he could sense every note.

Kelsy nodded just a bit to get into the tune. The song made her feel light and something genuinely sweet came to mind. The joy of movement perhaps, or the notion she could be happy if she let herself, and it wouldn't take a small fortune to do so.

skin of my yellow teeth


taffy. said...

i adore clap your hands say yeah.
i can't ever sit during "satan said dance"

colin has a sweet side, how peculiar.

ellie said...

aw..they needed to dance. Especially to that...

blue hearts said...

He might not be so rotten after all.