sticky kisses

Newt had picked up Leia from Sasha. He couldn't believe Billy was all by his lonesome in the pub behind the bar.

"What gives?" Newt wondered if he needed help.

"Sash should be along shortly. Ian is in the back. I'll be OK," he nodded, handing a left-over Valentines sucker to Leia.

"Well, where's mine?" Newt couldn't go without.

"Here." Billy sighed. "I suppose the bitches are meeting upstairs with Kel about something. Not sure."

Newt opened his sucker along with Leia's. The both played a licking game, to see who was the fastest and finally put them in their mouths.

"That might take forever, they are rather long winded," Newt told him.

"They fart, any given chance, they can stay up there all night if they want." Billy laughed. "But poor Kelsy. Wonder what she's done this time?"

"I'm sure its something big, usually, she avoids them quite well." Newt added.

"Kelsy has a bloke," Leia informed them.

"Did you find out his name?" Billy leaned over the counter to talk to Leia who was by Newt's side.

"No. But he sleeps nice." She shrugged.

"That's sweet, babe," Billy nodded.

"Well, she's got more than one bloke I'm sure of it." Newt sucked on his red heart sucker.

"But are they nice?" Leia looked at him then kissed her wet sucker making her lips red and sticky.

"What would Kelsy ever be doing with a nice bloke, Leia?" Newt asked. "She likes them bad. Very bad in most cases."

"Not like you," Leia shook her head.

"Right. I am the nicest." He grinned then.

"I want to give Daddy a kiss now," Leia puckered up.

"Well, of course you do." He kept his sucker in his mouth and picked her up just so she could plant a fat cherry sucker kiss on Billy's cheek.

"Don't take it off." Leia insisted.

"I don't think it would come off even if I tried." Billy couldn't help but laugh.


ellie said...

hahahhaa...she's so cute. So is Newt.

dapper kid said...

"No. But he sleeps nice" Hahaha that made me laugh so much!

cady x said...

Hahaha . . . Leia is so funny.

blue hearts said...

Leia..is a scene stealer.

taffy. said...

leia always relieves tension :)

Allison said...

you have so many blogs idk which on to read! lol which one would you rather me to?