Simon was combing the shops hoping to bring home dinner. Really, he was in no mood to cook it, and he knew if he did, no one would be in the mood to eat it.

He was coming out of the deli with some sliced ham and cheese, hoping he'd find something suitable to do with it when he saw Kelsy coming out of the Black Cat. He thought he might follow her. See where she might be going or what she was up too.

Simon strolled several blocks behind her. Honestly, he didn't think she could walk so far. But she kept moving, and he kept following as the traffic became more thick and apparently, she was making her way to the clinic.

Really, he thought something like this might happen...in the back of his mind. It looked like trouble to him. He didn't want trouble.

He was finally back on track with Josh. And they'd never had a better time like last night when they'd came home and been together. It was really good. Perhaps the best. Well, it would always be the best with Josh, and no way could Kelsy take that away from him.

But what if she was going to get rid of it. What if she didn't want a child?

It was so complicated.

Honestly, she was the worst choice when he thought of having a child with. He'd take Sasha any day over Kelsy.

This really stung him. He had a good mind to go in there with her and find out what this was all about. But instead, he stood there and waited across the street.


blue hearts said...

He's gonna have to have it out with Kelsy.

ellie said...

I feel bad for Simon.