this time

Colin slept on Kelsy's sofa. He was grateful for that. Really, he was sure she'd throw him out with all the fuss she'd made, but he knew something else was bothering her. She wanted to be left alone. And he did. He cleaned up after himself. Cleaned the place up too. And he hadn't stolen one thing. He did the laundry. He was serious. He really needed a place to stay.

Also, he didn't want to think about Laleh, either. He didn't. It was just he had no choice in the matter. What was done was done. His part was finished. He just needed to get away now, and forget if he could. What had become of Laleh?

He laid sleepless for the longest time, squeezing the pillow, gritting so badly. Yes, he knew he was awful. Horrible. Prick. Twat. Wanker. But he was just doing what he was told in the end. He couldn't go back on his word now.

It had all fell so easily in his hands. She'd called him. It was like magic. It felt somehow. And they had wanted her and no one else. Not just some girl to toss in to a prostitution ring. They wanted Laleh. "You get us our lass, and we won't be bothering you again."

Colin remembered how he had loved hearing those words. Never again.

"Promise?" He wanted to be sure. He didn't want anymore dealings with hoodlum and the village mob. All he really wanted was to get back to college. And quite frankly, Colin had no idea this would please him so much. Funny, how something so simple could now make him breathe better. Almost.

Still, it was strange thinking of Laleh, wondering about her state of mind, at the moment. She had to be scared. She had to be in some sort of pain. True though, he'd doped her up good and possibly there were the drugs to keep her going and ..and he knew it was all out of his hands. It was as if they'd locked the doors behind him, and he better shut up if he knew what was good for him or they might find him dead in the river.

When he did drift off to sleep, all he could think of was a red river with Laleh floating in it. He awoke, thinking he couldn't breathe. What had he done? What had he really done?


Cait said...

I liked this about Colin. I'm glad he feels bad about Laleh.

ellie said...

I do wonder just what sort of trouble Colin is in. I feel a bit sad for him. But Laleh is a bit of a bad girl, anyway..still..hmmm..

taffy. said...

oh dear god.