the truth

Of all the most inconvenient times to be waiting, Simon did so. He thought it would be way into the night before she ever got out of there.

"What's it like in there, first come first serve? What happened?" He wanted to know.

"What difference would it make to you," Kelsy looked about as out of sorts as he.

"I know what you're up too. And I can't believe you'd shut me out. Really?" He looked at her seriously as if he expected some change about her, but there wasn't one.

"Don't you get it, there is nothing to shut you out about." She closed her eyes as if she wished it weren't true, but it was. "There's nothing wrong with me."

"You wouldn't lie to me, now would you?" Simon touched her shoulder before she walked away from him completely.

"I'm not pregnant."

"Thank God."

"Quit wishing that." She squinted.

"Its not a wish." He looked at her. "I was drunk you were drunk. Seriously, was sort of start is that for an embryo. Its wretched."

"I wasn't that drunk," Kelsy shrugged without a smile.

"Still I was drunk. Studies show that effects the whole process. of the brain functioning properly."

"What are you a scientist?"

"Look, there are hospitals for this sort of thing," Simon told her.

"And they cost money, don't they? I'm not wanting a host of embryos to carry around so I can win nappies for the next three years for a litter, you know." She hugged herself then. "This was my one chance. And I don't see it coming around again. So leave me with my misery, will you."

She walked on a bit.

"Why me?" He wanted to know as a chill was back as the night air fell.

"Because you're a mate, and I can't think of anyone else that might come close to perfection." She wouldn't look at him when she spoke.

"Perfection? You are daft. What has come over you?"

"I dunno. But I've changed. I've stopped doing so many things and there should be no reason why it can't happen other than having lots of sex. I suppose. Or only at the right time. Silly reasons like that." Kelsy frowned then, looking at Simon. "I suppose you're elated now that you're off the hook?"

"Yes, it is nice to know I'm not-" He couldn't say it. He really couldn't. A part of him really wanted it to be true. His Dad had never been around for him. He was certain he could help raise a child. But with Kelsy?

"Perhaps you need to get all the dye out of your hair," he then said. "You can't be all messed up. This is a process of sacrifices. You have to give up a lot to have a child. And would it hurt if you did something you were intended to do? Don't you have a music degree? You should be teaching music."

"I suppose."

"See me when that's done." Simon smiled. He wasn't betting on any justified changes, if ever.


Cait said...

I love what Simon told her. Oh..I love him.

what we needed said...

that smart simon..how long will that last?

Cait said...

Oh..I hope you write more soon.

Summer said...

never stop writing. :)