what might have been

Josh could tell Simon was depressed, but he didn't know why. He helped him make some omelets when he got home.

Billy was working at the pub and Newt was at the library shelving. So they had Leia to take care of.

"What took you so long?" Josh finally asked when they sat down to eat

"Never mind, it was nothing." Simon shrugged, reminding Leia she needed to try her broccoli.

"It sounds like it must have been something," Josh looked at him. "You sound dreadful."

"Just- lets get on with dinner shall we?" Simon broke some of the soda bread and spread some butter spread around a piece for Leia. That she would eat, grinning all the while.

"All right," Josh left him a lone and dug into the egg mess on the plate. "I do hope you'll decide to tell me what all this distressing is about."

"Its nothing." But Simon looked a bit peeved and so sad.

"What is it?"

"I saw Kelsy." Simon sighed.

"I see."

"Well, we're fine. She's fine. We have nothing to worry about." Simon nodded.

"Oh. That." Josh cleared his throat. "Well, you should be happy. Nothing to worry about. No diseases to learn the names of. We should be celebrating."

"I know." Simon nodded watching Leia. "But it might have been my only chance to ever be a father, you know." He frowned then.

"Good heavens, don't say that. You've got decades to think on it, you know. And who knows some blue moon you might get stinking drunk and end up in someone's bed who's a female. But you do have science on your side, now don't you?" Josh smiled.

"Of course, science." But Simon fretted. "I don't want to have, you know..all these eggs in someone's body, and they all come out a stone here and there. I just don't think I want that. Really. For one thing, that's quite a lot of kiddies to handle at once. I kind of wished this would have worked out with Kelsy, regardless of getting smashed and all."

"It'll be all right." Josh nodded. "You know what a horrible mother she'd make, anyway. Besides, we've got Leia, now don't we?"

"That we do," Simon smiled then and Leia grinned at the both of them that it must be her time to start the Leia dinner show.


ellie said...

poor Simon hopefully, he'll get over it soon. There is always Leia.

another.ellie said...

never say never..I guess all guys might feel this even if they aren't straight. Intersting.

fan fic said...

sad but sweet.

taffy. said...

leia is such a fantastic community child :)