who needs a movie

Newt had wasted most of his evening down at the Black Cat helping Billy with the Valentines day bash. It had gone from pleasant to rowdy.

At least he got to hear Billy sing a few old Sinatra ballads. They sort of made Newt's stomach turn. Just wasn't his cup of tea, actually. Something, Metallica might have been better. Still the old farts for the most part, actually pretty ripe after awhile, loved him. Why did old women even old queens too, feel the need to pinch Newt's arse so much.

"I don't think its that good," he pointed out to Billy who cracked up.

"Only I would know for sure," Billy could hardly hold the laugh in. "Best I check it out later."

"Yes, later, when will that be?" Newt wanted to get out of here. Just how long could this party go on. Hearts everywhere. It was over kill on pink, red and white. And everyone wanted these strawberry drinks, which might have been just cherry vodka and lime juice, after all.

"Soon." Billy kept promising.

"I'd hope we could have watched a DVD." Newt said on the walk home.

"But how romantic is that?" Billy asked with his arm around him.

"Not very." Newt shrugged.

"Precisely," he whispered in his ear.

"But it was Rules of Attraction."

"Must I need rules now?" Billy smiled and he Frenched him before he got another word out. "Promise, we won't need a movie."

As soon as they got back to their room in the wee hours of the morning, Billy undressed him just to want him more on the sheets.

"I've seen the film, you know." Billy told him later as he kissed Newt's chest. "Its not quite all that it could...be... Really."

Newt just smiled as Billy kissed his stomach. His lips went lower. Until..it seemed quite magical and enlightening and somewhat beautiful when he came down on him. Billy just made everything warm and inviting and to want him more when they touched.

It was amazing to make their own movie. Even if there were no lights nor cameras. Just the two of them like an electric fire.


ellie said...

electric fire..I like that..hehehehe

taffy. said...

rules of attraction again, eh.

i agree with ellie.

blue hearts said...

Now thats Valentines day!