working in the coal mine

"So have you moved in with her, for real now?" Billy looked at Ian who was at the bar in the Black Cat. Ian was helping him out with the drinks that folks had been ordering during the big footballer game.

"Sasha?" Ian winced as if he hadn't a clue what Billy was going on about.

"Yeah, who else? Don't think it would be Kelsy." Billy shrugged as he filled mugs with ale at the dispensers.

"I'd rather not say." Ian told him as he slung a few mugs to some customers at the bar. He watched to see if no one stole a drink. At least they were nice at the moment, but they'd be rowdy soon.

"Come on, like I'm the town crier? I think not." Billy squinted going back to his business of taking care of customers.

"All right, I'm there most nights. Can you shut it now?" Ian told him.

"What's the big secret? Really?" Billy wanted to know.

"She says she's a private person. Maybe that I'm younger."

"Like what? A whopping two years?" Billy smiled. "I dunno if I'd care much to be a secret."

"Right? You and Newt aren't exactly going around kissing like you mean it in broad daylight for all the world to see, now are you?" Ian informed him.

"No." Billy scowled. "But our friends know we're together. That's what counts. Not strangers."

"Just shut it, will you? I don't want Sasha worried, all right." Ian frowned and went back to serving mugs of ale.

"Of course." Billy looked at him wide eyed. "So whats up with Kelsy? Does she even work here, anymore."

"Dunno." Ian shrugged. "Things have been awful quiet around her place. I think she's got someone though. I just do."

"Oh really?" This interested Billy wondering who that might be.


taffy. said...

hahaha, kelsy.
sasha and ian will come out... eventually.

ellie said...

That was kind of funny what Billy said to ian and how...you know, he and newt really haven't..umm..well, what is it..come out..exactly.

Cait said...

haha..Billy is cute the way he talks..as if he's really out of the closet..hmmmm...ok, sort of. Wonder if he'll find out whats up with Kelsy.