about time

Colin really wanted to do something with this menu at the pub. Really, he couldn't see nachos as being an all time favorite. How bad was the food here?

He was finding out just how old the potato soup was. It gave him a disgusting look. Really, they need a freshness about the place. He couldn't say if a new coat of paint would help much in the dank smoke filmed building. Really, he thought they should make it smoke free. First thing. Now he just had to say he was going to do it. But just then he spotted Billy with a frantic look on his way to see him.

"What is it?" Colin could see he was in some sort of distress.

"I have to leave, immediately. I need a couple of days. Tops." Billy looked as if he might burst in to tears if Colin told him no.

"What sort of emergency is it?" Colin winced.

"My boyfriend." Billy nursed his bottom lip. He could hardly stand still. "He's gone after the girl who may or may not have his child."

"I see." Colin sighed. "Do you even know where you're going?"

"I think so." Billy just nodded. "I hope so."

"All right then, you should go." Colin nodded. "We'll see you when you get back."

"Thanks." Billy just nodded and was on his way then.

Colin pushed his fingers back through his hair. Yes, he was going to make that Smoke Free sign right now. That was a sure way to keep the old crowd at bay, and short a bartender, well, it felt like the right time to do it.


Cait said...

Its good to see Colin making an effort for a better pub..like..no smoking.

elliestories said...

Colin is doing a good thing.