bet your bottom dollar

"For fuck's sake, what the hell are you doing here?" Colin pulled a face immediately when he saw the likes of Jamie. This couldn't be good.

"Well, that's a fine how do you do, isn't it dear brother?" Jamie's eyes lit as he embraced him anyway. It was a stifling hug. Colin wanted no part of this.

"Weren't you in the slammer?" Colin looked at his brother over wondering if there were any new scars to remember.

"Let it go," Jamie was as happy go lucky as ever. Of course, he could turn it off automatically and be as evil as they come. "Will you, little brother? We should at least have a drink, now shouldn't we?" Jamie coaxed him along with his arm around Colin as if they were the best damn pair of brothers this village had ever seen.

"What the fuck do you want?" Colin couldn't do this. He pushed him away. "I can't-can't get involved in this, right now." Colin shook his head, no.

"Are we not family?" Jamie's thick bangs flung across his eyes. "We need each other. You know, no one else gives a damn about us."

"And with every right, they shouldn't." Colin kept shaking his head.

"We're two peas in a pod."

"Precisely." Colin's eyes lit.

"Come on," Jamie was back to putting his arm around Colin. They were headed for the Black Cat. "Just a drink. One drink." Jamie's white teeth shown.

"When have you ever had just one drink?" Colin looked at him.

Jamie just laughed.


dapper kid said...

Woah Jamie sounds like some real bad news, something is definitely going to go down!

ellie said...

Just what Colin needs.. a best man..perhaps.

Cait said...

Just one drink. I betcha.