between now and then

Kelsy supposed she'd had worst days before. Of course, there had to be a few dispicable eight years olds who tried their worst to make class a living hell.

"I think she a screamo punk," said one lad. "My brother has pictures of you in his room." Naturally, Rocco would gleem about this little off color joke that put Kelsy in one of her moods. If they'd been anywhere but the school she would have hit him in the rock, already. But as it was she just gave him the stare down.

"Such a silly little boy who thinks he knows what the world is made of, doesn't he?" She snidely remarked. "We're not here for your ridiculous little stories to put down your teacher. Now are we? Brat."

"You know my name." He was ready to spit and she was ready to stomp.

"Yes, its a pity, I have to remember such an angry little name, don't I?" She kept her arms crossed as she came just as close to his space as he did hers. "It makes me all the more bitter in the end, so watch it little man."

She pushed him as far as she could and when that didn't work she made him feel it was his respondsibility if the class failed. Not hers. He ran home crying.

That was a relief to say the least. Of course, the last thing she wanted to think about when she got home was getting married after such a sorry day she'd had. Having to listen to old cows grumbled about the cafeteria food, and silly middle aged farts amusing her with their ghastly jokes.

But then to find that Colin wasn't even there when she got home was a bit of a let down. She'd so wanted to share her day with him. Instead she got a bouquest of pink roses laying on the bed along with a dress waiting for her in the wardrobe for the wedding.

She felt sure she'd need a nap first, but honestly she didn't want to miss the wedding.


elliestories said...

Oh, Kelsy, I hope she won't be that mean to the kids all the time.

fan fic said...

Oh. poor Kelsy. I hope she makes it.

blue hearts said...

What a teacher. She's something.

ellie said...

What a day. Keeping kids in line too. I hope she isn't too hard on them.

dk;dc said...

Kelsy, she knows a good fight, huh?