a change

Simon thought he might check to see what was playing at the cinema. He wanted to be as far from Kelsy's nuptials as he could.

"We should try to catch that Oscar winner, you know." He mentioned to Josh. They'd taken the day off to spend some quiet time. He was nursing a cup of tea while finding the time for the movie. "We have to see Milk. We just have too."

"Yes,, yes, didn't you write a big paper on him in school that time?" Josh shrugged. He was walking about now. He wasn't sure though, if seats at the theater would be all that comfortable. He preferred standing.

"I did, and it was quite amazing, if I must say so, myself." Simon twisted and turned in the computer chair as if it was a day he remembered quite well and enjoyed to the fullest.

Josh just smiled and gave him a kiss then on the forehead.

Thankfully, Josh hadn't said a word about Kelsy nor the baby. It was still one of those things that it wouldn't matter until the day came and he saw her with Simon's child. Simon had to keep thinking the same. He'd try. Just didn't know if he could.

Really, Simon felt a bit silly getting all passionate over it like that. Really, it was just the baby he was concerned about, but then Kelsy was its mother and honestly, he knew if it were possible, he'd had her move in with them the next nine months just to watch over her and make sure she ate the correct things and didn't stress an inkling. But that wasn't possible. He knew it would have been awful.

He had to stop thinking about it. He would.

"Remember how you wanted us to start that club, at school?" Josh said.

Simon smiled. He remembered how set he was on the Gay and Lesbian affilated club.

"Have you thought anymore about it?"

"Well, I'm not in school anymore," Simon sighed.

"Doesn't mean you couldn't still help with it," Josh said. "You should really check in to it."

Simon nodded. Maybe thats what he needed to get his mind off some things he couldn't change.


Cait said...

I think this would be a great thing for him to do.

ellie said...

I do so love the idea.

Summer said...

I'm sure that was the perfect thing for him to do..;D
Nice post.I hope you could put my blog link in your site.I would really appreciate it.;D
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