a conscience with a crisis

"Christ, what do you mean he won't be in today?" Josh was on the phone with Simon. He was back in the office, away from the patrons. Newt was on the run, so to speak. He really didn't want to call the coppers in on this just yet. He'd find a way to cover for him here at the library. Hopefully. But as it was he'd had fussy old cows complaining about the mystery section again. They just couldn't carry enough cozy mysteries for them at the library.

"Well, what's Billy to do, aye?" Josh rolled his eyes. This was going to be a pain if he was out of pocket too. Perhaps they didn't make the most practical wage in the village, but still it was quid or more coming in.

Josh chewed at the inside of cheek wondering what to do. Lauren wasn't exactly working her hours either. He looked up and saw someone pushing a cart of books then. Who in the hell was that? Didn't look like someone who was library help. He was dressed in street clothes and his thick dark bangs hung over one eye. He looked a bit devious.

"I'll call you back, all right." Of course, Jeremy was no where in sight. What was up with that? Had he decided to take a vacation too?

Josh tracked down the stranger who was edging his way toward the biographies.

"Excuse me, could I help you?" Josh squinted wondering if he should be this worried about who was handling the books around here.

"Might I help you?" His dazzling eyes almost swallowed Josh up, and he had to think a minute what he was going to say. He might have been the lanky sort, but he was impressive with that smug face of his that he didn't give a damn what he might say. He had work to do.

"I'm sorry, I-I'm Josh." Josh choked on his own words. He didn't know what had came over him. He felt a bit retarded for a moment in his presences. "I-I work in circulation."

"Do you now? Well, I'm the help Jeremy hired."

"Oh, Jeremy, he hasn't came in, as yet." Josh nodded. "He hadn't told me."

Josh felt sure he should get a hand shake on it.

"Its Jamie. Jamie Dean."

"Well, Jamie, you might be all we have at the moment. Hope it won't be overwhelming. I'll do what I can." Josh told him.

"I'm quite all right." Jamie just nodded and went back to shelving books.

Josh just nodded. He just hoped he could get used to seeing him around. He hated the fact that he had a crush on him.


another ellie said...

hahahaa...so Josh would have a crush on him.

elliestories said...

Good to see Josh back up and going strong. He's like this caring big brother to Billy & Newt.


oops...sorry I've been missing the story line... ~Happy Spring beautiful!

ellie said...

Gotta get to know jamie dean.