a conversion of sorts

Colin could see Kelsy was going to be quiet about this. True, they were off to a rough start. No doubt, but then they'd hit the ground running too. All of it so quick and practically over with.

"I do so much like the dress, I didn't know, you could do it." She was at least impressed with the wedding dress.

"That's what drama majors do." How else could he explain it. "Costumes are my game. I suppose."

"Then what about everyday clothes?" She was going through her wardrobe now. Perhaps he could fix it.

"Oh, I dunno." That might be an undertaking, but then again, if it would sooth any fear she might have about what might come. "I'll take a look." He just nodded.


"So how did that first day, go?"

"What?" She looked a little cross by the question.

"School." He made her tea, and it looked as if she weren't going back at the moment.

"Oh that," she made it sound it was a million years away now. "Awful. I can't stand it."

"You have to give it chance. Can't let it change your life the first day."

"I was bitter," she squinted.

"How so?" The clock was ticking. She better make it fast. She needed to be in class soon.

"I have no patience." She threw on an old sweater over her sad frock that was precisely black. She looked like a witch today in her black horned rimmed glasses. No contacts to pressure her already red eyes.

"I see."

"Don't look so disappointed in me?" She scowled.

"I'm not. Just happy to be here." His smile was faint. They hadn't exactly had a wedding night. Sleep had been thrust upon them and now it felt rather mundane.

"Well, of course you are, better be glad someone found that Laleh when they did or they might be combing the river for her and then no telling what the cat might have drug in." She hugged herself.

"Are you assuming she would be there instead of where she was?" Colin looked hurt that she would have thought it.

"Never mind." She swelled a frown.

"Its not going to be that way." He came closer then and touched her cheek, and he kissed her.

A smile slipped to her face.

"I might need something after all," she gave him a look, tugging him closer by the waist.

"But you'll be late," he told her.

"What if I am?" She was so surprising. "I'm sure it won't take that long."

He smiled as he knew exactly what she meant. Hopefully, she didn't keep a whip in her valise, anywhere, but even if she did, he didn't think he would minded.


dapper kid said...

Well I must admit that I had not even given thought to Kelsy as the wife and student, past the wedding. But I do hope they get some time together, all newly weds deserve a proper happy day :)

dk;dc said...

oh..kelsy, get to school and teach.heheheee..

ellie said...

Kelsy..well, they do have a nice rapport..what more could you need?