a course of nature

Perhaps it was a good thing they didn't have anything to eat, after all. Really, it was a lot more than Colin bargained for.

Was it gonna be like this every night?

At one point, he wanted to stop and ask if she'd done this professionally. She very likely could, he imagined yet didn't want to imagine it, either. The other thing he didn't want to imagine was that she was pregnant. But she was and it stalled him.

"You're not gonna hurt me," she promised, and as it was she was on top so he supposed that was fair.

It was just....he wanted to stop thinking about it, but he couldn't. He'd never been so sexed up with anyone before. What was it about her? Was it because she was pregnant?

Well, he didn't want to dwell on it. Really. It wasn't worth it, and four hours later, she still wanted it. Badly.

"Is there something to be made up here?" Colin asked, exhausted and famish.

"Yes, its been weeks, you know, that's like an eternity for me," she shrugged, and with just one touch she could stir everything up, back to her liking and here they'd go again.

Really, it felt like a thorough course of things to come and Colin felt a slight guilt that perhaps the honeymoon had already started.


dapper kid said...

Ermm the song superfreak comes to mind lol.

cady x said...

Colin. It's almost like he's not quite sure what's going on.

Cait said...

hahahaha..I bet that surprised him. Maybe.

ellie said...

Well..Kelsy is gonna make sure she gets what ever she bargained for. Maybe they'll happy. Maybe.