every step taken

Billy didn't like the sound of this. Not that Newt had made a big deal out of his call with Amy, but he could feel it. He knew it was on Newt's mind. Newt wanted to find her.

He could see Newt was worried even if he were suppose to be in bed, asleep.

"What are you going to do?" Billy wanted to go to sleep. Not talk about Amy, but he had too.

"I dunno." Newt said. "She was so mysterious. I dunno what it could be."

"Did she have the baby?"

"Don't think so." He shrugged with his dark hair hiding his eyes mostly.

"Well, this isn't making any sense? She has a lose screw or two, you know." Billy told him.

"Please, I'm sorry I said anything. Its just she wants help. She does. She just can't say it." Newt looked sad.

Billy did his best to kiss his troubles away, but he was tired and he soon found himself in a deep sleep, dreaming about Newt finding Amy on the beach. They were on the beach. Together and Billy was not there. Maybe even happy. He was going to stay until she had the baby, and Amy was so pleased. That smug look on her face. The image got to Billy.

He awoke suddenly as if coming up for air. He couldn't have that. He wouldn't. He'd do his damnedest to be there every step of the way. He had to be there for Newt.


Anonymous said...

Billy definitely needs to be there for Newt.

ellie said...

Wow..what a dream. I would have woke up too.

Cait said...

I do like how the story is unfolding and Billy's feelings, too.