going on

Simon got off his cell with Maxie. He'd just heard the news about Colin.

"Honestly, I can't see them gone for good." He put his cell away.

"What do you mean?" Josh held Simon's hand. He nudged him a bit to keep him from the puddle in front of them. Spring showers were more like bits of ice at the moment. Really they needed to make a run for cover. They hurried to the covered bus stop to get out of the rain. "You said, he's in jail."

"Yes, but he's to smart to be sitting in there long, or he knows someone who'll get him out." Simon remained even lipped as they set down on the bench to wait.

"The way you speak of this, its like you might have the inside scoop," Josh just smiled at him.

"No," Simon just shook his head, "He's gone this long without a scratch. I don't think Colin would screw it up now."

"So what you're saying the bad just get worse, yet smarter." Josh nodded.

"Some things don't change. I do have my doubts about Colin changing." Simon leaned in to Josh's shoulder then and they kissed, cuddling to keep warm.

"Well, the movie was great." Josh then nodded. "Milk was so inspiring. Most definitely. And it makes me want to be more open, you know, who I am."

"Good." Simon smiled at Josh then.

"You should really look into helping at the school." Josh told him.

"All right." Simon smiled more. "That's what I like to hear. Moving forward. Not looking back." Simon sighed. "We have to look forwards. Absolutely."

The bus pulled up then. It was time to go. Josh held on to Simon's hand. Simon almost laughed. They never held hands and suddenly Josh didn't mind anymore.


ellie said...

I'm glad Josh is standing by Simon through all of this. & Simon is always so Simon.

cait said...

They are are so sweet.

just a moment said...

They seem stronger than ever which is great.

ivy's closet said...

I think they are better than ever now. So nice.