a good day for a wedding

Kelsy got dressed the next morning as if she had a place to go. She guessed she did. Back to the school. They hadn't called to tell her NO. True, she'd gotten off to a rotten start. But she'd make sure to hold her own this time. Colin had an egg sandwich waiting for her.

She pulled up the black thigh high socks under her dismal frock that usually passed for spring. Perhaps not in fashion as of yet. She pulled her black cardigan on as well.

"I thought you would take it easy today. You should tell them about your situation," Colin said.

"What? Getting married? Don't think so. Don't want to discuss it and have a whole raft of hungry teachers down at the Black Cat tonight." She scowled a bit taking her tea.

"No, that wasn't it. The baby, they need to know." Colin shook his head.

"I don't want to push it." She shrugged.

"Yeah, well, better they know before some kiddie takes a push at you. Now that wouldn't do, now would it?" He stared at her as if she should listen.

"God," Kelsy sighed. "All right." He did have a point. She wolfed down the sandwich then.

"Shall I walk you there?" He was dressed in his tan dockers and a blue sweater. He looked good in anything he wore. Kelsy decided. Good enough to be one of the teachers himself.

"I thought you were hiding out?" She gave him an odd look.

"Not for long, evidently." Colin shrugged. "I just thought you might like some encouragement of some kind. I made you lunch." It was in a Hello Kitty lunch box.

"Hey, where was that?" Had he been going through her things?

"Under the sink."

"Oh." She took it. "Well, then. Shall we?" What more could she ask for as she looped her arm around his. What would she tell him? She thought of him as lover, always. Really, she hated to think of all the ceremonial stuff. "You'll see me in this tonight, you know. Haven't got a dress for such an occasion."

"I don't mind, but I have a feeling your Aunts will take care of it." Colin smiled.

Kelsy grimaced then. Oh, she hated the thought of a white gown waiting for her when she got home.


ellie said...

Oh boy....


ellie said...

I wonder what Kelsy would want to be married in?

dk;dc said...

I do wonder if it'll happen