I'm up and I'm down

Newt headed home early with Leia. He didn't want to chance someone getting fussy. Besides, they just got in before it started to rain.

He looked at the caller ID to see if they'd missed any phone calls. Just the usual. Telemarketing stuff, mostly. But there was a number that was from a wireless caller. He couldn't help but keep staring at it.

"What happened?" Leia wanted to know.

"Nothing," he smiled. "Nothing. I'm afraid."

"But you know them? Who called?"

"Probably no one." He thought of Amy though, wishing he could hear something from her. "Lets get you ready for bed." He headed to her room with her to find her pajamas and to get her teeth brushed.

"You know you only want Billy to call you." She smiled.

"Of course, but he's busy. Lord knows when he'll be home tonight."

"Probably tomorrow." She nodded.

"Yeah, got that right." He got her tooth paste on the pink tooth brush then. "You do it by yourself, now." She nodded.

He went ahead and brushed his teeth too. Of course, there was still this taste or perhaps a thought in his head that Amy had tried to call.

"Do you like Kel's bloke?" She asked him just as she was ready to be read a story in her little bed.


"Do the coppers always do that at weddings?" She looked at him seriously.

"No," Newt shook his head with a smile. "Definitely not."

"You suppose they hurt him?"

Newt shook his head, no.

"You want to be a copper, don't you?" She smiled at him then.

"What ever gave you an idea like that?" Newt wondered where Leia came up with this stuff. He finally read her favorite Chubby Bear book and soon she was asleep.

Newt picked up the house phone then and hit redial. He waited then for someone to pick up. It kept ringing again and again.

"Hullo." He finally heard an ominous voice. It was female. He could only think of one person.

"Amy?" Newt choked. He waited, but all he could hear was his heart beat racing. "Amy?"


"Amy? Where are you?" He could barely breathe now, waiting for her to tell him, anything.


dapper kid said...

Oh snap, I was not expecting Amy to call! And Leia is too cute lol.

Cait said...

this sounds like the start of something.

ellie said...

I'm glad Amy's back. I hope Newt works this out with her.