in the mix

It happened so quickly. A knife might as well have severed them in to. It was all so giddy and exciting to a point. Kelsy almost for got to say "I do." But she had and then the coppers came and took Colin away.

It didn't seem possible as she thought about it now. Having to listen to her aunts talk of the devastion of it all. And to happen right here at the Black Cat.

There was just too much commotion going on. Of course, it didn't help that it was St. Patty's day and half the crowd thought it was a party. Not enough green beer, evidently.

"Well, at least we got the honeymoon started last night," Kelsy didn't know what else to say. Sasha had brought her tea in the backroom in the kitchen to keep her away from everyone.

"Sounds like that was right smart. Did you see it coming? The coppers?" Sasha asked.

"Not really." Kelsy pressed her lips tight. The tea was too hot. She really didn't feel like having it. A stiff drink would do, but under the circumstances, she couldn't.

"He's just detained. I'm sure it won't be that long. You know." Sasha squeezed her hand. "He'll be back."

"Maybe." But she didn't think it possible. "Why couldn't they just leave us alone?" She'd been happy these last few days. But she meant her old Aunts. Everyone in fact. It had been best when no one knew he was actually here.

"It'll be all right. You just can't dwell on it." Sasha informed her. "You must'n. If its to be. It will be."

"Thanks Sash." Kelsy felt like crumbling now.

Sasha brought her a piece of wedding cake then. She could hardly stand to look at it. Some party this had turned out to be.


dapper kid said...

:O Oh my! I feel sorry for Kelsy now :( I SO was not expecting that to happen!!

And I got him to stay still with bribes of sweets lol.

ellie said...

at least they tied the knot...hmmm

Cait said...

Well..maybe it won't be that bad.