just one more thing

Colin wasn't going to be bothered by Jamie. He just didn't have time for him. Not even with the witches(Kelsy's aunts), for that matter.

"I'll get back to you, tomorrow," he just told them. It could wait. "What we really need to be thinking about is a dress. Kelsy's wedding dress."

"Oh," Estelle looked shocked in the matter. "I just didn't remember."

He was so sure they would.

"Well, we have to do something," he looked at them as if they were idiots, after all. He'd just forge through their dresses then.

"What could you possibly find of ours?" Charlotte was puzzled when he pulled out their wardrobe.

"Please, there must be something here," Of course, it was a wardrobe that went way back into the sixties even, perhaps the fifties.

He looked for anything lacy with bows and ribbons. Finally something with ruffles, but it was in satiny purple.

"Perfect." He smiled stretching out the flow of ruffles of the skirt. There was another outfit similar. He'd just put the two together some how.

"But that's practically black." Estelle squeaked.

"Have you not notice Kelsy's darker side?" He had to laugh. "Just a few alterations, and we'll have the perfect Lolita dress. Do you have some black lace about I could take liberty with?"

Charlotte brought him a lacy table cloth.

"Are you sure you can do it?" Estelle lead him to the sewing room.

"We have a few hours. I'll see what I can whip up," Colin shrugged, hoping the vision he had in mind would work.


just a moment said...

Colin and can sew too?

I think he's a keeper.

dapper kid said...

Love the sound of the dress, but not entirely sure it's wedding worthy lol. But then again, knowing Kelsy...

Cait said...

that's some dress.

Cait said...

Aw, at least he's doing his best. Kelsy better be happy with him.

ellie said...

I like the idea of the dress.

elliestories said...

I think it'll be the perfect dress for Kelsy.