minutes away

"Well, I take it, you must be ready for this," Billy sighed as he looked Colin over in his black tux. He straightened his tie just a bit. Really, he looked more ready for a music number Put'n on the Ritz.

Billy supposed he'd have to be friendly enough. After all, Colin would be his boss and it was best to get this off to a good start instead of a bad one.

"Of course," He grinned with his hair all slicked back. "Hopefully, no one will break a leg or anything."

"Probably not." Billy couldn't imagine that.

"Oh, but you don't know about those stilts Kelsy will be wearing." Colin told him. "Her David Bowie platforms."

"I think I might have seen her in them before, performing, of course. She'll have no trouble." Billy had decided that's what this was. Theatre. Just a one night only gig.

"Good to hear."

"She won't be towering over you, now will she?" Billy wanted to laugh at the thought of that.

Colin shook his head, no.

"I can't believe my heart is racing like this. You know. None of this seems possible. Really." He was rambling then.

"Well, it'll all be over in a few. So don't worry. Think of it as an amputation of some sort. You know, once the knife cuts in. Its never the same." Billy just couldn't help himself. Wasn't that what marriage was all about?


ellie said...

aw...Colin can hardly wait. hehehe...

dk;dc said...

that would good if Billy gets along with Colin.