morning light

When Billy awoke with a jerk, he knew before he opened his eyes that Newt wouldn't be by his side. He was gone.

Billy stared where Newt should be. His covers pushed back.

Billy shook his head and got up to get dressed. He hoped he was wrong. He hope it wasn't true.

He ran down stairs then to see Simon staring into his laptop working.

"What time is it?" Billy looked at Simon who was in his wire rim glasses, typing away.

"A little past eight, why?"

"Did Newt go to school today?" Billy went to get himself some coffee so he could think straight.

"I thought he was with you. He hasn't came down, has he?" Simon looked up at him.

"He's not in bed. He's not in the bathroom," Billy sighed. "He went to see about Amy."

"Amy?" It sounded like a foreign word coming from Simon.

"Yeah, they talked. She called last night when he wasn't here, but he tracked her down, and now he's off."

"Newt? What's he going to try to do? Why didn't he call the cops?" Simon shook his head.

"When as Newt ever called the cops?" Billy leaned against the kitchen counter drinking his coffee. He knew if he was awake more he''d be climbing the wall perhaps. He had to figure out just where he went to, to find Amy.

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Cait said...

I hope Billy finds Newt.