need be

Newt's cell rang. He wasn't sure he wanted to answer it. It was Billy. He'd taken the bus to the city and he was on his last lag of the trip. He supposed. Now this.

"What?" He said into the cell.

"Newt? Where are you?" Billy shouted.

"Why do you even care?" Newt hated to fuss about it, but he knew where this was headed.

"Do you have to ask? You know I don't want to get in a row about this. I love you and I care what happens, you know."

Newt shut his eyes tight and thought about Billy. Yes, he wanted him here, and yet he knew it best if he went it alone.

"I just need to know, all right. I have to help her." Newt told him.

"What did she tell you? Stop keeping me in the dark about this!" He could tell Billy was getting furious by the second with him. "Just let me know where you're going. I can help. I will."

"No, you have too much to do and..and I'll probably lose my job and hurt my chances for college with this, but it doesn't matter. I need to do this. I have too." Newt would do as she'd told him. He would meet at the by the boardwalk, and he'd stay as long as need be.


ellie said...

I hope Newt finds what he needs from Amy.

dapper kid said...

Yikes, I do hope Newt is ok!

Cait said...

I was hoping this would finally unravel.