out of the light into the dark

It would be a lovely day. Splendid in fact. It felt that way to Colin with a touch of spring in the air. Of course, he couldn't think of March being a good month for marriage. Except if you were a bit Irish. And he was. Or so they said. Not that he knew any of his folks out that way. And not that he was at all historical about any of this sort of thing. But so be it.

Honestly, though, he felt he was walking his very own school girl to class. There was something nostalgic about it. Perhaps, it was the thought of how it had been last night too. It still left him smiling.

"Whatever might be on your mind?" She smirked once they got there.

"Oh, I think you might know," Colin thought he should keep it to himself. Yet, if he held on to long.. well, he might have a hard on right here and really, that would be so wrong. "Now go teach some kiddies. I'll be waiting, you know. Waiting for you, tonight." He so wanted to say I love you, but would she think that he meant?

He kissed her then. She stepped back and smiled biting her bottom lip. Lord knows, he thought what was really on her mind, but he'd do his damnedest to keep up with her.

He watched her for the longest. Wishing he could stand in this spot all day, just to be here waiting when she walked out. Only he had Estelle and Charlotte to face. That would be a chore in its self.

Colin strolled along the quiet street, past the shadow of the Parrish, and out of the darkness, he thought he heard his name. He picked up his pace. There was no way he would stop.

"Col, its me!" There was whistle call, two fingers, in the mouth. He knew the sound very well. "Colin!" the whisper was practically a yell.

He stopped and looked out of the corner of his eye, he barely made him out. But there was his older brother, Jamie waiting in the shadows.


cady x said...

Wow . . . what's going to happen now?

ellie said...

Jamie sounds like trouble to me. but it did give me a smile.

blue hearts said...

I think I might really like this bad boy.

dk;dc said...

Its looking more and more interesting......