say it ain't so

Simon barely managed through tea. This would take some time getting used too. Kelsy was really set on the marriage with Colin. It was useless to bicker about it. What could he do? Say he'd marry her. He didn't think so.

She was nice enough. He guessed. Still he was angry with the whole way she'd gone about it. Keeping it from him. How long would she have gone if she could? Years? Maybe. Well, at least until the baby got here.

Simon went back home, undressed and crawled into bed with Josh who was already asleep. Or so he thought.

"Where have you been?" Josh didn't turn toward him. He stayed on his side.

"No where." Simon told him wrapping his arms around Josh from behind. He kissed his neck softly as if he'd missed it so much. It had been lonely here without him.

"It felt like somewhere to me," Josh said. "What happened?"

"Nothing much," Simon breathed into his ear. "Kelsy's getting married."

"Is she? And who might be the lucky bloke?" Josh asked.

"Not sure he's that lucky, but I guess he'll do. She'll be with the likes of Colin Dean."

"A Dean? You don't say? They are quite unsavory," Josh sighed.

"Aren't they?" A smile came to Simon, the connection came to him quite suddenly. Didn't the Dean's run THE DOG? Now one of their own would be running THE BLACK CAT pub. Perhaps a distant cousin. But still, what were those old Aunts of Kelsy's thinking. Didn't they hate the Dean family?

Simon kissed Josh's shoulder. And he found what he'd been looking for. It was time to have some fun with Josh.


ellie said...

Kelsy is marrying a Dean! Ha, that's a good one.

Cait said...

Oh..that is kind of funny about the Dean family. I'm hoping Simon is feeling better about everything.