setting it straight

Kelsy wondered if she could surprise him, really.

This wasn't going to work. She knew it. Deep down. The long run, perhaps. She'd be just another old cat lady like her Aunts. It was enough to make her sick. However, it was a bit selfish to think they were the ones having all the fun in this. Thinking, they'd control her destiny, just to wind up with this old pub and a few apartments.

Well, it could be worse. She was after all trying her best to find some sort of staple in this little hell hole.

"I think I'd like you better if I knew for sure you could really stand me, you know." Kelsy winced a bit.

"Stand you? What are you getting at?"

"I dunno. Must I go through the list? I thought I was at my best when I was with Rhys, and he could care less about me. I've had some fun with more than I can count, yet they were never back for more." She told him. "Now you'll be stuck with me. Perhaps a good long time. At least the next 9 months, I take it."

"Lets just eat and not dwell on this so much." He smiled, ready to serve the hot meal right off the stove.

"No, I think we should see if it'll be enough. The two of us. Together." This needed to be out of the way.

"But aren't you suppose to wait until after you marry. It might bring bad luck."

"Its either this or no luck it all." Kelsy looked him in the eye.

"This feels all a bit foolish to me," Colin sighed, looking at the skillet with potatoes and melted cheese.


"I really want this to work."

"That makes two of us." She took his hand. Then his other and put them on her hips. Kelsy drew in a kiss from him then. She smiled at herself then, this was much easier than she thought it would be.


ellie said...

Kelsy is a strange bird indeed. I think she has a way of getting what she wants.

dk;dc said...

So bewitching. Heeeee...

Cait said...

oh. I had to come back. That Kelsey. Well, I guess I'd want it that way too. You know, be for sure. See what you're getting in too.

cady x said...

I agree with Cait.

But I like Kelsy, all in all.