something in the wind

If Newt knew exactly what he was after with Amy, he might have known what to expect when he got there. But he didn't know just how she'd wised up.

"You haven't had the baby," he said first thing. She was huge now. Of course, once she had the child she'd be her normal twiggy self. The baby really hadn't added a pound on her. It was as if there was an enormous beach ball under her dark sweater.

"Glad you noticed," she was a bit bitchy. He supposed he should have expected that, but he hadn't. Not as the waves kept crashing in and the cold wind kept hitting him in the face.

"Do you know who's it is?" It was the burning question after all, wasn't it?

"You don't know? Idiot." She winced.

"I could guess, but I might not be a hundred percent sure, you see." Newt winced wishing he was anywhere but here and wishing she didn't have to make him suffer like this.

"It yours, you arse!"

Newt just nodded.

"Have you been well?" He wanted to know as they trudged on to no where in the sand up the beach.

"What would it matter to you?" she looked at him hurt as if she'd tried to call him thousands of times which was so not true. "You're so in love with Billy, what would it matter?"

"It matters. It does." Newt squinted hard. "Why can't you see that? I want the best for you Amy and the baby. I do. I do so much." He grabbed at her arm then.

"Back off. You know I mean nothing to you." She grimaced.

"Then why did you call? What do you want from me? Did you want to see me in some sort of pain over this. Why didn't you just leave me in the dark if that were the case?"

She hugged herself looking away and walked on.

"Amy!" Newt followed after her through the soft sand.

"I want to move to the states." She then told him.

"All right." Newt just stared at her timid eyes.

"If I sell the baby, I can do just that." She nodded.

"Sell the baby? You can't. You wouldn't!" Newt remained even lipped.

"Why not?" She gave him a hard stare.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Newt frowned. "I've come all this way to hear this. Hear what want to take away from me. Just- just because-" He pressed his lips together. He wished Billy was here, but Newt was afraid if he were...she'd push him away even farther.


lonnie said...

gotta get this settled with amy...just gotta.

Cait said...

amy..how could she do that to newt.

taffy. said...

amy amy amy... what a huge bitch.

blue hearts said...

I'm ready to see what happens next.

fan fic said...

Wanting to see more of the story.