a spot of tea

Kelsy had noticed a change around the Black Cat, but she wasn't sure what it was as she came home from school. Naturally, Colin had tea waiting for her.

"Is that fresh air I smell in here?" She smiled, looking around at the empty establishment. Generally, there were a few old-timers by now playing darts. A college kid or two playing pool. "Did you run the all out, Col?"

"Honestly, I did it for you and the baby and anyone else who might need to breath." He pointed to the No Smoking sign.

"Well, I had hoped it would be coming, you know. It should be a smoke free zone." She didn't know how to say it, but she was proud of him for taking a stand.

"Right." Colin just shrugged.

"And did they say anything about it?"

"Your Aunts or the customers?" He stared at her blankly. She could see he definitely wanted to turn in.

"Well, I can see what the customers think." She just grinned. "Its amazing, must be the only place in the village never fined. How did that happen? They were proud of themselves for enforcing it, you know."

"I haven't actually gotten around to mentioning it to Estelle and Charlotte." He made a bit of a stressful smile then as if he wasn't sure what to expect.

"So what if they all go, I'm sure they'll be back. We'll make it worth their stay, you know." He told her. She could see he had some ideas about the place. "Meanwhile, we can put up a splash of color, update the menu."

"That should keep you busy," Kelsy sighed sipping her tea down.

"And how was your day?" He gave her a kiss on the cheek then.

"Dreadful as usual." She looked at him sleepily. Really, she would need sleep. It was a pain getting used to new things.


taffy. said...

hmm, a change in the black cat?

dapper kid said...

The Black Cat is not quite as lively as it used to be, wonder where everyone is...or is this the signal of something bad to come?