Colin wondered how long they could keep the questions up. They were waiting for him to botch things up. But he hadn't. There was nothing really to tell.

So he'd been seen with Laleh. She'd been seen with a lot of people. It didn't mean he was the last one to see her.

"We went our separate ways at the disco." The disco. So vague. Yet accurate. That's how it had to be. "She wanted nothing to do with me." Final Jeopardy. It was the correct answer. And he gave it to them over and over again.

But he could feel the pressure. His hair undone, crawling about his face. His tie to tight. Really, it was giving him a headache.

Yet, it came right down to it. They had nothing to hold him. Especially, when a phone call came in with a lead that she'd been seen in London at a nearby University. Some professor even vouched she was one his new students.

Colin didn't know what was happening, but it had... and there was no reason to keep him there.

Of course, his brother was there along with Kelsy's brother.

"I need to beat some sense into who ever did this to you," Jamie was spitting mad.

"It was just a misunderstanding." Colin was a bit shaken up still, but he couldn't have his brother going to start trouble. "Please, just stay smart will you, let it alone." Colin got him outside before his mouth got them all in trouble.

"No, somebody needs to pay for this!" Jamie looked him in the eye.

"Just let it be. You can't afford to go knocking anyone around, now can you? Get on with your life, will you?" Colin winced then looked at Cecil. "Thanks for coming down. I'm sure you had better things to do." Colin gave Cecil a handshake then. "Is Kelsy, all right?"

"Yeah, she's her charming self." Cecil just nodded.

Colin felt his heart beat rest slightly. He hoped this was the end of it. He didn't want anymore trouble with the law, nor anyone else.


ellie said...

Colin is so lucky.

cait said...

How did that happen?