the sun'll come out tomorrow

Kelsy could tell the headmistress of music wasn't exactly that excited to see her.

"Do we expect anymore tumbles today, Miss Kelsy?"

"Um, no, but by tomorrow you could be addressing me as Mrs. Dean," Kelsy found herself saying the very thing she had said she wouldn't.

The old woman just gave her a stare down then with her glasses pushed down her royal nose. Really, there was nothing pretty about Mrs. Crabtree.

"Anything, else you're trying to tell me, Mrs. Dean?" Her shrill voice made Kelsy jump.

"Um, yes, I'm afraid you might be unaware of this, but I'm with child, you see. Just found out, in fact." Kelsy gritted a smile.

"I see. And this will not hinder you from your duties?" Her sternness almost made Kelsy panic.

"Of course not," but Kelsy's nose scrunched a bit. "What is it I'll exactly be doing?"

"Why music, my dear child, that's what we are all here for," her sing-song voice was already annoying. Kelsy shook her head. She supposed she'd have to remember how she was taught all those years ago in the primary days and get on with it.


dk'dc said...

Gotta love the head mistress.

cady x said...

"Why, music, my dear child, that's what we are all here for."

I loved that line.

ellie said...

Oh, Kelsey..what have you got yourself into?