that marrying kind

Billy knew Simon wasn't going to like it. A part of him didn't want to tell him, but then Newt told him he had too.

"They're getting married." Billy said as if the quicker he said it, the less it would hurt. Plus he had Leia as his defense. Simon couldn't bare to say much, now could he?

"You're sure?" He squinted.

Josh was home. Almost good as new. He was resting comfortably in bed, at least.

"Yes, its all Estelle and Charlotte have been talking about. Right there in the pub, in fact." Billy held on to Leia, hoping Simon wouldn't come unglued.

"Well, isn't that lovely," Simon scowled. "And she's the lass who said she'd never be tied down, I can't believe its come to this."

"Maybe its all for the best," Newt said.

"All for the best!"

Billy gave Newt a look, "How could you?"

"So its Colin."

Simon gritted a frown even more. Billy knew he so wanted to scream the word "WANKER!" But he didn't.

"I deserve it, don't I?" Simon bit his bottom lip. "For starters, she can't stand to see me happy. She always takes what she wants. And I mean nothing to her! She can keep what ever is mine and not even mind not telling me, its even so. What sort of horrible creature would do this!"

"Daddy, why is he so mad?" Leia whispered into Billy's ear.

"She won't give him his present." Billy told her.

"Well, its not completely done yet," Newt shrugged. "But in time, I'm sure she'll change her mind. You have to give her time, Simon. That's what she needs. You'll see."

Simon looked at both of them that it was a little too late to be wishing on presents. He jerked on his heavy wool sweater then.

"Where are you going?" Billy looked to Newt then that perhaps he should go with him.

"Just a walk," Simon said. "I have to clear my head. I need some fresh air."

"Then I'll go with you." Newt nodded.

"No, this is something only I can do. I need to be alone." Simon sighed.

"It'll be OK, mate." Newt gave him a pat on the back.

Billy just watched him go. Simon was a sad sort and really, Billy knew there was nothing to make him feel better about the matter.


ellie said...

simon's situation..aww...I feel for him.

blue hearts said...

this so emotional for Simon. I do love him. But its hard to say what would really be the right thing to do in his case. Interesting.

cady x said...

I feel bad for him.

It's almost strange with the kids . . . growing up in the middle of all of this . . . I don't know. I think about things like that.