a thought

"What do you suppose is up?" Newt said to Billy who was already in bed waiting for him while Newt checked on Josh. "Its been well over an hour, hasn't it?"

"Si couldn't get into to much trouble, I reckon." Billy shrugged as Newt undressed.

"You think? He wouldn't try to fight that Col, now would he?" Newt sighed getting under the covers then.

"Simon?" Billy said. "I hate to say it, but that would be a laugh."

"I dunno, maybe Si's got more balls than either of us know." Newt turned out the lamp then and turned to Billy.

"This whole thing with Josh is probably a lot more upsetting than he wants to admit too, you know," Billy yawned then.

"Maybe." Newt pushed his fingers through Billy's hair then. "You don't suppose he's thinking-"


"You know, he'll never have sex with Josh, again."

"I seriously doubt that's on Simon's mind." Billy gave Newt an open kiss as if to stop thinking such nonsense.

"You think I'd forget, don't you?" Newt pulled away just then.

"Forget what?"

"About you, if something happened like that." Newt just stared at Billy in the moonlight. "I'd go mad if something horrible happened to you and we couldn't-"

"Sh- I don't want to hear about it," Billy said and drew him in, touching him and kissing him deeply.

Newt hushed. Billy was right. It did neither of them any good to think of what bad might come, but just to savor the moment they had.


cady x said...

Ha. I like them together.

Allison said...

hmmm i don't know who they are or what they are talking about but it sure is interesting!

ellie said...

I'm always happy to see them together.

dk;dc said...

oh, they are charming & fun.