Colin could hear every word through the thin walls as he dressed. He wasn't quite sure where he could take a stand. And with what? He shuttered to think it was he who made it all so worse. Was that the case? He didn't want it to be quite like that. Not really. It wasn't his intention.

Where was he to go now? Have some old witches to beat him down? He swore they were worse than the local mob. This was the only place he felt quite safe and evidently that meant to be a thorn in Simon's side, perhaps.

He just wanted everything to simmer down, quietly. Perhaps he could somehow fall into the wood work. It wasn't that he even wanted the pub, but it looked like he'd have to work there now. No, this wasn't a game to him. No strategy involved. Just a place to call home.

Colin climbed into his pants then, tugged into his shirt. He'd have to face the music somehow. It wasn't worth twisting any of this into his liking. Really, it just went no where. Now did it?

He opened the bedroom door then and stepped out even if he was still barefooted. He knew something was missing when he looked down at his toes and then he looked at Simon. Bracing himself for the worst, he sat down next to him.

"So have we sorted this out now?" He looked at Kelsy then.

Kelsy kept her mouth shut, and he knew she wanted him to keep his mouth shut while she went to turn on the kettle.

"I told her she couldn't keep a secret like this from you," he winced, trying not to really favor either side. "I guess it looks rather suspicious to you, does it now?"

Simon just sighed. His eyes red, and Colin couldn't very look him in the eye. Well, maybe he could.

"I know you're up to something," Simon squinted.

"Like what?" Colin smiled.

"I dunno, people like you sale babies, don't you, if the price is right?" Simon didn't even lift a smile. He was dead serious.

"What?" Colin grimaced a scowl. "Really, I'm not quite so frightful. How could you, think it?" This was unbelievable. "This is Kelsy baby, and I'm only trying to do what is right, what should be hers and the baby's too."

"Really?" He could see Simon didn't believe him.

"I'm serious." Colin nodded. He didn't want to be the monster Simon saw. "You come around as much as you want. I wouldn't keep anything from you."

Simon looked away then. Colin looked at Kelsy who went to get the cups ready for tea.


Cait said...

Simon..and that line about selling babies. Priceless.

I like this part.

ellie said...

Oh, the three of them. Wow, didn't know how that would go. But I loved it. Bitter-sweet. Possibly do-able.