what to do

Newt wasn't sure what to do. He was between a rock and a hard place, he supposed. He was there to keep Leia, but he could see Billy was being overwhelmed with the festivities.

"I should help." Newt had just came from the library to the Black Cat.

"Well, you are, you are taking care of Leia." Billy explained to him while he was looking over the menu one last time to see if there was enough to feed a crowd with lamb stew, sourdough rolls and ale.

"I should be here to help." People were already filing in. Who would have thought there would be such a turn out. It was suppose to be a quaint event, but then everyone knew Kelsy one way or another. Now didn't they?

"You know, Simon wants to be as far from this catastrophe as possible. He and Josh are off to the cinema. You must stay with Leia. Do you hear me?" Billy was adamant about that.

"Yes, I know, I understand. Completely. But, couldn't we both just stay in the back and you know, do something." Newt looked a little sad about the situation. "I just know it'll be horrible with no help and all."

"You have that right, but its me, Sash and Ian. We'll make do." Billy was certain.

Somehow Newt felt left out in the cold. There had to be someone he could find to take care of Leia tonight. It was just he didn't want Billy upset about that, either.

"Well, it looks like you're my date tonight," Newt told Leia as he held her hand. "Shall we get all fancy for this weeding?" They would go home and get ready. She had been hanging out with Sasha in the kitchen. They had a few minutes.

"Yes, I'd like that very much. Will you be dancing?" She twisted about as if perhaps she was practicing.

"Why, of course. Only with you, you know." He sighed with a smile. It finally donned on him that this was his real family. No one else to count on, but themselves.


dapper kid said...

Wow, this really brought their little odd family unit home. I'm looking forward to reading about what happens during the wedding!

Cait said...

Aw...that was really bitter yet sweet.

just a moment said...

I think Newt is growing up too. But it is a little sad yet.

ellie said...

Newt. He's probably doing more than he knows.