back to work

Newt's first day back at the library was a bit of a downer. He felt lost, perhaps without Liam or perhaps just in the world. He really felt he'd lost touch. For the last few weeks he hadn't read the paper, watched TV. Now it was like relearning where everything was at work.

"Sorry, I'm a bit slow." He promised Jamie he'd try to be faster.

"No hurry," Jamie grinned. "Just books, you know."

He had a point and yet, he could tell Jeremy would be happier to see more books on the shelf instead of piled up on carts.

"Aw, are you sure you spending enough time with a librarian?" Newt joked and Jamie laughed.

"So how is it, really, with an infant around?" Jamie was serious though.

"Lovely and miserable at the same time." Newt shrugged. "Its like learning what normal is all over, and then you aren't even sure of it, you know."

"I suppose it will get easier." Jamie slid in some biographies where they belonged on the shelf. "Not that I'd ever be in that predicament."

"Right?" Newt sighed feeling a tad lame, yet not. He was thankful for the opportunity.

"Anyway, glad you're back. I've been so alone in the library as of late," Jamie informed. "Not that I mind."

"Lauren hasn't been working?" Newt looked at Jamie then.

"Some. But I guess I'm never here when she's here." Jamie shrugged.

"Yes, I think she has her heart set on getting the band back together after Kelsy skipped out on it." Newt told him.

"Really, my brother's Kelsy, you mean?" Jamie squinted.

"The one and only," Newt smiled. "Had a chance to see her in concert once. She's pretty screamo fab."

"And she and Lauren used to play, is that it?"

"No, pretty much rivals, perhaps." Newt thought he'd said to much. "I guess Lauren's taking over since Kelsy stepped down. Its just, don't know if she has that same star factor Kelsy had."

"Gotta wonder what brother's got himself involved in," Jamie said.

"Kelsy pretty much does what she wants. Always has." Newt nodded.

"Figured as much." Jamie sighed and went back to work.


what we needed said...

It must be a great and scary feeling riht now for Newt & all his new found respondsibilities.

ellie said...

I think this would be really tough for Newt. I think he's growing up.

fan fic said...

newt just gets better and better.

elliestories said...

Newt just gets sweeter..you know that.