a far cry

Colin was sure Kelsy was going to lose it with her old Aunts who were fit to be tied when they found out about the "no smoking" at the Black Cat.

"How could he!" Estelle was ready to be Colin up, but of course Kelsy threw herself in front of him.

"HOW COULD HE NOT!" She yelled right back. "Don't you even think about touching one hair on his head. You know, you've just been buying your time, waiting for a hefty fine. That old boy network of yours can only take you so far."

"But that's why so many love our old pub, dearie." Charlotte spoke up.

"But its against the law, Auntie!" Kelsy shot back. They were upstairs in her Aunt's flat that reeked of cigarette smoke and cat urine. Kelsy wasn't sure she even wanted to move in to the place. That Colin knew. They'd have to fumigate it.

"I thought this bloke of yours could get us back on track, but with these sort of miss-steps, I can't say I can stand for it." Estelle crossed her arms and looked like an old toad of some sort. Or so Colin imagined. He stayed behind Kelsy holding on to her shoulders as if to shield himself from the brunt of this.

"And now he's changing the menu!" Charlotte reminded them too.

"You have to give it time, all right. It'll do us all some good to keep things proper. We want a good business now don't we?" Kelsey sounded as if she cared, but Colin couldn't be so sure. "No let him do his job, will you?"

They had nothing to say to that. Colin supposed it would have to do for now. He just had to get something good in the works sooner instead of later.


ellie said...

aw...Kelsy standing up for Colin. Kind of cute.

dk;dc said...

stand by your man..comes to mind. hehee..