getting it together

Colin gave Maxie the once over when he got there. He knew who he was. He'd seen him with Katy. Maxie was Katy's boyfriend. Colin didn't think of her much as it was these days. Katy was, after all , his ex. And he hadn't looked for her in weeks. He had his hands full with the pub and of course, Kelsy.

"He's in the back," Colin showed Maxie the way. "I don't think he's up for serving drinks tonight." Luckily, it wasn't a moody crowd. Everyone seemed to be staying home. "Maybe all he needs is a good sleep. Perhaps a drink or two would help."

"I better get him home." Maxie was being evasive.

"How's Katy these days?" Colin had to ask.

"Fine." Maxie didn't say much more.

"Good." Colin wondered if Maxie even knew. Did he really know if she was fine or not? He was suppose to know and he looked as if he didn't care, but Colin didn't dwell on that fact. There was Ian hugging himself stretched out across the black futon in the back.

"You're mate's here," Colin told him. Ian set up then. He'd hardly look him in the eye. "I'm sure it'll all work out. You 'll see."

Ian just gave Colin a scowl.

"Hey, lets go." Maxie gave him a pat on the back. "You'll see. Its not the end of the world. At least, not yet."

Ian just sighed. Colin watched them leave. Yeah, Maxie was a good mate. Those kind were hard to find in these parts.


elliestories said...

Will Colin ever get over Katy completely..& just what will Maxie and Ian do?

ellie said...

Gotta wonder if Colin still thinks about Katy.

Cait said...

aw..colin needs a best mate. possibly.